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Reduced Engine Range Due To Covid19 Complications

It’s been a little while since we updated the ECI community regarding the complications we’ve been experiencing importing engines during Covid19. Those who have inquired have been updated directly.

The Latest On Engine Availability

We have been able to secure another shipment of some of the most popular engines ready to arrive in approximately 6 weeks (providing there are no weather/quarantine issues). Although these are ALREADY SOLD. Our apologies to anyone who has missed out.

Our focus is and always has been to supply Australian’s with high quality and reasonably priced used engines they can rely on.

Although it’s getting harder and harder as well as more expensive to find and import quality used engines during the Covid19 pandemic. The drop in the Australian dollar has also been a large factor in the scarcity of stock.

We’re particularly finding it hard to get the following engines at high quality with reasonable pricing;

  • Toyota 1HDFT, 1HDT, 2JZ, 1JZ, 12HT
  • Nissan RB25

So, unfortunately, we’ve had to take these and others off our range of engines for now.

Our COVID19 Friendly Range

You can check out the range of used engines we can provide you with, still at the same high level of quality via our current stock list. 

Get Updated!

We will do our best to keep our website and Facebook page up to date as much as possible.

THANK YOU once again for supporting our small family business whether you have bought an engine from us or just like to keep in touch via social media.

We are so grateful for the community of understanding and positive customers.

We hope to supply Australians with our full range of used engines one day soon!

Rupert & Tania

If you want to help #supportsmallbusiness but don’t need to buy an engine right now, we’d absolutely love it if you could jump on over to our Google Business Page or Facebook page and leave a review. This will not only help others find a reliable used engine supplier, but will put a smile on our faces during a difficult time.  🙂

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