Can You Find How Many Kms On A Used Engine?

We’re often asked “what are the kms on the engine?” and the truth is, we don’t know – and there really is no way of knowing. This may be contrary to what you’ve been told by other used engine wholesalers, so let me explain.

Engines don’t count mileage. Odometers do.

Once an engine is taken out of a car to be re-sold, there is no way of knowing how many kms are on the used engine. The reason is simple: Mileage information isn’t stored within the engine component.

The only way to know for sure would be if odometer readings from the original car are kept with the engine records and depending on where you source your engines from, sometimes that’s just not feasible.

We are always honest and upfront with our customers about what we do and don’t know about the history of our used engines. If we know the details of the car the engine was from, we will let you know. Otherwise, we have a thorough process in place to ensure we only source good quality engines.

Further, with our 30+ years experience working with engines and completing our thorough testing process not once but twice – 1. at the suppliers when hand picking our stock and 2. again when they arrive in our shed – we’re able to indicate that mileage is not high. All engines are in top condition.

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How Can You Tell If Kms Are High?

A good way to tell is by checking the compression of each cylinder as well as looking for any oil or dirt build up on the outside and in the valves.

For a more detailed explanation of how to check the health of  a used car engine before buying it, see our other blog.

We will only choose engines that pass with flying colours and while we can’t give you an exact kilometre reading, you can trust our fool proof testing process and transparency.

Chat with us now if you’re in need of a quality used engine.

Want to see a quick demo video of how to test a used car engine? Click here. 

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