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3SGE Beams ALTESSA Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System (B.E.A.M.S) with an 86.0mm bore, 86.0mm stroke, 11.5:1 compression, 1,998cc displacement and 90ps of power at 5,200/5,400 rpm.
1GR FE PRADO 2003-08, 3956cc V6 DOHC Power 179kw (240hp) at 5200rpm, Torque 343Nm at 2400rpm.
1JZ GTE VVTI CHASER 24 Valve DOHC, 2.5 L turbo, 8.5-11 compression ratio, 71.5mm stroke, 86mm cylinder bore, 2492cc displacement.
2JZ GTE VVTI CHASER, SOARER, ARISTO Produced from 1991-2007, 24 valve DOHC engine, 86mm stroke, 86 cylinder bore, 8.5-11.6 compression ratio.
1GZ -FE CENTURY V12 1997-2008 5 L, 48 valve DOHC, with variable valve timing mechanism (VVT-i). Bore is 81 mm and stroke is 80.8 mm, with a compression ratio of 10.5:1.
2UZ LANDCRUISER, SEQUOIA, TUNDRA 1998-2011 V8 24 valve DOHC, 84mm stroke, 94mm cylinder bore, 9.6 compression ratio, 4662 cc displacement.
3UZ SOARAER, MAJESTA, CELSIOR 2000-2010 V8 24 valve DOHC, 82.5mm stroke, 91mm cylinder bore, 10.5 compression ratio, 4292 cc displacement.

Shipping is available all across Australia and will be quoted in addition to your engine order.  Alternatively pick up is available by appointment from our warehouse at Unit 2, 353 McDonnell Rd, Clontarf QLD 4019.