All engines are covered with 3 months warranty*

Please Note!

To comply with the Engine City Imports warranty customers must apply the following necessary parts :-

  • Cam belt,
  • Thermostat,
  • Radiator flush,
  • Oils,
  • Filters,
  • Injectors (if required)
  • Radiator hoses must be checked and if required, replaced.

Any or all losses, injuries or damage related to or from the above not being adhered to will void the Engine City Imports warranty.

*The warranty applies to the engine as supplied and the relevant parts of the engine that make up the engine thereof.  Any mechanical or non-mechanical work being carried out on the purchased engine by the purchaser or persons engaged by the purchaser to provide such works can void the warranty.


Engine City Imports realise that at times things can go wrong and an engine may have to be returned.

In all return cases customers must contact Engine City Imports prior to any return being commenced.